Raj Jaswa, CEO and President of Dyyno

About 5 years ago, my yoga teacher, Trevor Taylor, was teaching us such amazing yoga practices that I complimented him for his creativity. He told me that he learned these from his Guru each week and invited me to his Guru??s home class. My first class with Sherry Han is still fresh in my mind. I had already been practicing Yoga for 10 years, yet when I saw the grace, the fluidity, effortlessness, power, concentration, caring ... of Yoga done right, I knew that I wanted that in my practice. Sherry welcomed me to her class and showed me with a  few moves how Yoga flows in every asana posture. When Sherry worked me into asana postures, I could feel the tangible difference in her Yoga chiseled body (and mind), and my coarse untrained body. I was pretty demoralized but Sherry made it clear then (and in every class, for the last 5 years), that if a Yoga practitioner just comes to her class regularly, the Yoga practice will do the work.
After 5 years of 3 to 5 classes per week, I know that Sherry Han yoga is doing its magic, even on my now 59 year old body. I feel the (re)birth of new muscles every week.  My tendons and my fascia stretch rather than threaten to tear, and my bone joints seem lubricated. Old injuries that had made certain movements (Lotus) impossible because of calcified joints due to osteo-arthritis of the knees gradually started working. Muscle started showing through 30 years of fat accumulation from sedentary computer work. There is a spring in my step and confidence in my head-stands.  There is a long way to go before Yoga crafts my body and my mind in Sherry's mold, but I look forward to a young Yogic body during my old age.
That is why Sherry Han is the Devi of Yoga to me.

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