• Jennifer Prugh, Mother, Yoga Teacher and Owner of Breathe Los Gatos
    I so much appreciate that after 22 years in my own yoga practice, Sherry Han can take me to places I have never been. She constantly challenges me physically and she does so with authentic caring, humor and insight. I appreciate the dedicated community of yoga practitioners that she is created, largely out of her completely inspirational dedication to truly teaching... [More]
  • Olivia
    Practicing yoga daily was the best decision of my life and I feel so blessed to be Sherry Han's student. Through Sherry's yoga classes, I have rehabilitated my body, mind and spirit. Sherry significantly helped me through a number of physical injuries and emotional battles. In the past few years, I suffered from chronic neck and back pain, a torn scapula muscle, a... [More]
  • Takako A
    After retirement, I developed a problem in my left shoulder. The pain was so bad that I could not lift my arm past my shoulder. I heard about Sherry's yoga class and decided to try that first instead of medical treatment. It did not take long before I realized that I had made the right decision. The pain started reducing itself until it went away completely. I regained full use of... [More]
  • Hogan, Physician
    Sherry Han is a true yoga guru. She is special and her classes go beyond just a normal yoga class.When I first started her classes, I could not touch my toes or even sit comfortably cross legged. I had issues with low back pain and extremely tight hips and shoulders. I thought my body could never change but Sherry Han proved me wrong. Her classes provide a perfect combination... [More]
  • Sandy
    I have a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. All my joints were inflamed which caused limited mobility and constant pain. Medications and surgery were the only options I had through western medicine. I wanted to fix the problem, not hide it through medications because that would only be a temporary "fix". Through Sherry's therapeutic yoga, I was able to learn how to "listen"... [More]
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