• Joan McCarten, Teacher (retired) and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Instructor
    Most yoga classes focus on the accomplishment of a pose. Sherry Han's classes focus on the therapeutic aspects of yoga poses. As a result, her students come with a variety of concerns, but leave with a better understanding of how to manage their physical difficulties or how to completely alleviate the pain they suffer. Sherry Han designs her classes so that the students... [More]
  • Raj Jaswa, CEO and President of Dyyno
    About 5 years ago, my yoga teacher, Trevor Taylor, was teaching us such amazing yoga practices that I complimented him for his creativity. He told me that he learned these from his Guru each week and invited me to his Guru's home class. My first class with Sherry Han is still fresh in my mind. I had already been practicing Yoga for 10 years, yet when I saw the grace... [More]
  • Stina, Student and Glass Artist
    After years of dealing with chronic pain and nausea, I have learned how rare it is to find someone with a deep understanding of the body and a natural instinct for healing. Sherry Han is one of the rare few. My physical therapist told me it was time to get active and that restorative yoga would be a great way to be active while healing my body. In my first class, I was worried... [More]
  • Tatiana, Paralegal
    I had entertained the idea of practicing yoga for many years as a way of regaining some of the flexibility I had in my younger days. However, I only started going to classes at a time when stealing time for myself became a matter of survival and each class seemed like an island in time where I needed to regain a peace of mind as well as challenge my muscles. I have Sherry to... [More]
  • Huey Ling
    I had been fighting with my auto immune disorder disease for over two years. I came to Sherry hoping the natural therapeutic yoga would be my alternative treatment. Sherry told me, "No doubt yoga is your medicine. I will help you as much as I can, but the most crucial thing is how badly you want to change yourself." Despite my fatigue and pain from my illness... [More]
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