Sherry Han has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. With her big heart and expertise, she has helped hundreds of people improve their health and take new perspectives in life. Sherry Han is living proof that you can change your life through yoga.

In her 20s, Sherry suffered many health ailments. For years, she experienced ringing in her ears, chronic headaches, frequent dislocation of her jaw, severe fatigue coupled with severe insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, stomach acid reflux, shortness of breath, skin problems, internal organ problems, and many other debilitating symptoms. While doctors were not able to provide a diagnosis or effective management of her problems, Sherry was fortunate enough to discover yoga. She immediately began noticing improvements in her body through the practice of yoga and meditation. The discovery began her road to recovery and completely changed her life.

Because she had such an incredible personal experience with yoga, Sherry dedicated her life to becoming an instructor in order to share what she learned (and continues to learn) with others, in the hopes that they can also experience the many benefits of yoga. While classically trained in Hatha style yoga, Sherry created Therapeutic Yoga by drawing from eight different styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Meditative, and Bikram. Sherry's yoga has a therapeutic focus that includes unique asanas (poses) that she has created through her personal experiences with healing.

Her yoga classes are unique as every week she creates new poses and routines in order to work all the muscles of the body and help her students relax and center themselves. Sherry is also a long-time expert in Chinese Tui-na acupressure and in 1994 became a certified massage therapist so she could incorporate additional skills when helping people heal. She has an intuitive sense of the body and mind, a natural gift that has been greatly developed and heightened through her own life experiences. With this special trait, Sherry is able to personalize the yoga experience for each student, tailoring her classes to fit the needs of every individual that is present.

Today, there are no traces of Sherry's prior health ailments, and it is clear that even now her body is still changing as she progresses to higher levels of practice. She feels blessed to have yoga in her life and hopes to share it with as many people as she can. Welcoming people of all ages and all levels into her classes, Sherry creates a safe, comfortable, and non-competitive environment for people to come together to have fun and share the benefits of yoga. She emphasizes that anyone can do yoga as long as they open their mind and believes that everyone can change their body if they want to.

In her own words, "Yoga makes the impossible possible. Through yoga, you can change your life." Sherry Han is living proof of this.


Gina began her journey into yoga with Sherry in 1995.  Gina's twisted scoliosis hampered her ability to get into many yoga postures correctly or fully.  It only took one class with Sherry for Gina to know that yoga would help correct her spine and ease her tense neck, shoulders, and back better than anything else she tried.

After working in the computer industry for 22 years, Gina knows how job stress can negatively affect the body.  From personal experience, she understands and knows the importance of managing stress and creating balance in life.  Gina believes that yoga is a natural and therapeutic way to promote healing, and to improve overall health.  She began teaching Sherry's style of yoga in 2003.  She incorporates her knowledge of acupressure into her classes in order to build flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina, while clearing and calming the body.  She continues to train with Sherry in ongoing yoga classes and teacher training classes.

To contact Gina, please email gina@sherryhan.com


Lisa has been studying yoga intensively with Sherry Han since 2001. Before becoming a yoga instructor, Lisa was a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania. Though happy to be working toward her dream of becoming a doctor, she began suffering from joint and muscle pain and severe fatigue, among many other debilitating health issues. At her worst, she had difficulty walking up and down stairs, standing in the shower, or even carrying one book. After looking for answers and relief from her chronic pain in the medical field for over 2 years, Lisa was left with no diagnosis and no effective relief. She turned to alternative therapies including acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese herbs, etc. for help with her worsening symptoms. However, it wasn't until she found Sherry Han's Therapeutic Yoga that she began feeling a lasting difference in her health. 

From the very first class, she noticed improvement -- suddenly, she could bend her knees without pain and sleep at night. After just a few weeks of practicing yoga with Sherry Han, most ofher symptoms were noticeable better. As a curious medical student, she was intrigued by what she was experiencing. Months of physical therapy and various exercises didn't help her pain, but how could just a few yoga classes with Sherry make such a big difference? Furthermore, she was surprised by all the different people that Sherry Han's Therapeutic Yoga was helping-- many whose ailments were improving by methods which contradicted her medical training. She made a life changing decision to leave medical school permanently and study with Sherry Han full time. 

She began teaching yoga in 2003 to share what she was learning with others. Lisa credits Sherry Han and yoga for drastically improving her health and changing her life in amazing ways. She is grateful for yoga, the opportunity to learn from such a special healer, and for all of her wonderful students. She is excited to share her passion for health and yoga in a safe, fun, and noncompetitive environment.  

In addition to teaching yoga, Lisa is mom to two amazing "yoga babies"  who keep her on her toes and help her practice mindfulness on a whole new level. 

To contact Lisa, please email lisa@sherryhan.com


Olivia grew up in Honolulu, Hawai‘i.  Before becoming a certified Hatha yoga instructor, she worked in pharmacy for ten years and studied microbiology and business management at San Jose State University.  She also had the privilege of studying abroad in The Netherlands and India.

Since 2004, Olivia has been habitually practicing Hatha Restorative and Ashtanga yoga under her senior teacher and mentor, Sherry Han.  Practicing yoga, she says, was the best decision of her life.  Because yoga significantly helped Olivia through her own physical ailments, she decided to share these learned healing techniques with others.  Olivia lives by the Sherry Han philosophy that "yoga makes the impossible possible."  She praises yoga for transforming her body and mind, giving her better sleep, and allowing her to live pain-free.

As a passionate yoga teacher, Olivia hopes to motivate and empower her students to nurture their bodies.  She enjoys beginner and intermediate levels and insists that everyone is capable of practicing yoga regardless of their prior abilities.  Olivia is thrilled to teach at Sherry Han Yoga studio and looks forward to seeing you in her class...Namaste.

To contact Olivia, please email olivia@sherryhan.com


Elena started practicing yoga with Sherry Han in 2012. From the very first class, she realized the uniqueness and the great benefits of the exercises designed by Sherry. Elena found yoga to be the best way to develop flexibility, cope with stress, improve the functioning of digestive, hormonal, and respiratory systems, as well as recover from injuries and prevent many diseases. 

For many years she worked as a Software Quality Engineer and knows how stressful the tech environment could be and how harmful it could be working with computers. She found yoga helpful in bringing peace and balance into her life.

When Elena realized how much yoga made her healthier and happier, she started to teach yoga classes herself. Inspired by her teacher, Sherry, she tries to follow her style - the style of Sherry Han Yoga.

Elena is a passionate yoga teacher with diversity of skills and knowledge. She loves helping people discover their abilities, reveal their strengths and uniqueness through yoga practice.

To contact Elena, please email elena@sherryhan.com


Bonnie Hasson has studied yoga under Sherry Han since 2014 and has trained in child-focused yoga and mindfulness through Little Flower Yoga.  She has taught pre-school for the past 20 years and runs Bonnie's House Play-School in Sunnyvale where students enjoy yoga and mindfulness activities daily.  She holds a site supervisor level teachers permit and has trained in early childhood inclusion and mental health.  She has led summer nature programs for youth ages 4 - 16 for the past 15 years and loves to design creative ways to teach through song, movement, poetry and art.

To contact Bonnie, please email bonnie@sherryhan.com

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