• What is Therapeutic Yoga?
    Therapeutic Yoga is a Hatha-based yoga created by Sherry Han. It incorporates eight different styles of yoga, including Iyengar, Asthanga, Meditative, and Bikram. Sherry's yoga has a therapeutic focus that includes unique asanas (poses) that she has created through her personal experiences with healing.
  • How fit do I need to be to practice this type of yoga?
    As fit as you are right now! And once you start practicing, you will increase your fitness, flexibility and sense of well-being. With her special intuition, Sherry adjusts the routines to accommodate every person who is in a class, so that the environment is safe and fun for every level and body type to practice.
  • Can you describe a typical class?
    A typical 90-minute class involves stretching, holding poses, and active movements. The routines are designed with a very deliberate flow, each movement preparing the body for the next. There is attention to breath and a cultivation of self-awareness. Within the same week, class routines will be similar so that one can observe changes in the body with practice. However, Sherry creates a completely new routine, with new and old poses, every week to work all muscles in the body (including ones you never knew you had!) and to bring balance to the whole person. This also keeps the classes fun and interesting week after week!
  • Which class should I go to?
    If you are new to Sherry, we recommend you start with the Basic or Beginner class. This will let you get a feel of Sherry Han yoga and you can always talk to the instructor to see if it is suitable to move to a more advanced class.
  • How should I prepare for class?
    If this is your first visit, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill in a new student form and settle in. Make sure you have energy for the class. Eat at least an hour before class if needed.
  • What should I wear / bring to the class?
    Wear comfortable, breathable clothing and bare feet. For men, shorts or lightweight sweats and a t-shirt are appropriate. For women, the same or tights and workout tops. Bring a yoga mat and a sweat towel. Please place your cash or check payment for the class next to your mat. We do not accept credit card for payment.
  • How will I feel after therapeutic yoga?
    The feeling that often described by students after a Sherry Han yoga class is an overall sense of well-being and relaxation. Many students who came with specific health complaints have found Therapeutic Yoga with Sherry Han to be a life changing experience.
  • Do you have Prenatal Yoga classes?
    Pregnant women are welcome and encouraged to attend the regular classes at this studio. We do not offer a separate prenatal yoga class; however, Sherry Han has extensive experience working with prenatal as well as postpartum yoga students. Please let the instructor know at the beginning of class if you are pregnant so that special accommodations and instructions will be given to ensure a very safe practice during pregnancy.
  • Where should I park?
    The studio has a parking lot in front of the building and another lot in the back. Feel free to double/triple park in these lots if there is no previous class. Please do NOT park in the neighboring businesses including the Verizon/Citi and hair salon lots or you may be towed. If the studio lots are full, you can park across the street in the shopping center or if it is after business hours, at the office building lot on Hamilton around the corner.
  • Where can I go for more information?
    For more information, email info@sherryhan.com or simply drop-in and try a class!
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